Scaffold hire & sales

Exceptional scaffold hire and sale in Adelaide

Don’t resort to an unstable ladder when you have a high up project. You can do a better job on your cleaning, construction or repair with a sturdy wide platform to work on. For all your scaffolding hire and sales in Adelaide call us and one of our experienced staff can help you find the right solution, at an affordable price.
metal scaffolding

Types of scaffolds

You can choose from our selection of scaffolds to meet your project needs. We offer caged units, independent units, mobile units and cantilevered units.
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Safe products

Before we hire any of our towers, we make sure that any contractors working up high know how to safely assemble small towers and manoeuvre on platforms.
scaffolding assembled by house

Easy assembly

Depending on the height of the scaffold, you can put the product together yourself. We give you clear instructions on how to effectively assemble and disassemble any unit.

Our family-owned business ensures honest service and customer satisfaction for all your scaffolding hire and sales in Adelaide.

strong scaffolding

Strong holds

Our frames and bases are built with the highest quality of material to give you a solid foundation. That way, the structure will remain steady during your work, bearing even heavy weight loads.

Scaffold specifications and erection guides

Learn more about our specific units by giving us a call.

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